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Saturday, 25 August 2012 15:57

Club Night August 9th

Slimline Pens Slimline Pens

This month it was a workshop evening at the club. We had three lathes and the theme of the night was pen turning. I was asked to look after one of the lathes and decided to demonstrate turning with acrylic blanks. I turned a simple slimline pen  with a white marble affect acrylic blank and  a "fancy" slimline kit with blue fittings.

I had prepared the blanks before hand in my studio and painted the brass pen tube with white artists colour so the brass would not be visible through the blank. I showed how to turn the pen using a selection of tools. I explained that you can use whichever tools you are comfortable with. I prefer to turn to shape with a small pen-makers gouge then make a planing cut with a pen-makers Skew.

Having got the shape I wanted I demonstrated how to polish the pen working down from 120 grit Abranet to 12000 grit Micro mesh pads which I use wet. Finally I finish with a burnishing polish which leaves a high gloss.

I next showed how to assemble the pen with a drill-press converted to a pen assembly press. 

The remainder of the evening was spent with other members turning and assembling pens. there was a great deal of interest and many questions about different techniques and tools etc. An enjoyable evening.

I made a large selection of pens to show for the evening to give people an idea what can be made with a little imagination. There a few of them in the picture above. The white and blue pen I turned that evening is to the right of the picture.