The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 18:26

Great Missenden Live Crafts Show

A good show at Great Missenden the usual people were there demonstrating their crafts. On arrival to set up on the Thursday we were surprised to see the marquee was not up but the crew quickly had it up and we could set up. Unfortunately we did not have enough tables so Mary and Eddie Morgan disappeared of to Windsor to collect some. This left us with a couple of hours to kill which we put to good use wisecracking, gossiping and generaly taking the mick out of one another. Peter (the box wright) Leach bought a great picture of me messing about, taken at Loseley which I shall post here. Sales where not too good as there where other things going on that weekend and the weather had been a little wet but there was reasonable interest and some positive feedback.