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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:19

Anthony the Walnut Ant Featured

Anthony the walnut Ant Anthony the walnut Ant

As you have been Anticipating something different, I have made this little fellow for our competition table this month. His name is Anthony and he looks a little different from our ants and much larger. this is because he is from Australia the land of giant insects. 

Yes you have guessed it he is an Antipodean Ant. He is the Antecedent to a future product that I hope will not be inclined to eat him.... A giant Spider. When he appears I am sure he will not be an Anticlimax

Anthony is a very friendly ant and of course not at all Antisocial but be sure not to Antagonise him or he may bite you. If he should, be assured that he is not poisonous so you will not need an Anti-venom or Antitoxin or even an Antidote. But it would be best to wash the bite with Antiseptic and rub on some Antihistamine cream. If you fail to do this And you don't have enough Antibodies in your system you could get an infection and have to take a course of Antibiotics.