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Turning Timber into Treasure

Saturday, 15 September 2012 12:30

Club Night September 13

Oak Bowl with Mahogany splines Oak Bowl with Mahogany splines

Good night at the club with Les Thorne demonstrating how to make a Curly box this featured carving texturing and colouring. Les was most amusing and showed several techniques and Ideas. At the end of his Demo he presented a box to Stuart King our chairman who had admired it many years ago. It was the first one that Les made. Les also donated the Demo piece to the club charity.

I showed Anthony off on the competition table and also submited the bowl in the picture above. When Les saw it he said that it was a beautifuly turned bowl considering it was made from a piece of wood that he would have put in the bin. I am not sure if that was a complement, but I always love to produce  something different and I think that all the defects in the oak combined with the Mahogany splines and Mahogany dust and epoxy filler make for a very interesting piece.