The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

Saturday, 10 November 2012 16:35

Wizardry in Wood Featured

A Great trip up to Wizardry in wood. On the Tuesday I entered 4 items in the Felix Levy prize competition, you can see two of them in the picture, the splined oak bowl and the Saturn Box. Anthony is there but he is hiding at the back. No prizes but such an Honour to display my work with some of the best turners in the country.

Middlesex woodturners had four members competing and Stuart king won his section for pole lathe turning with a "Talking stick".

Of the twenty professional turners exhibiting, Middlesex was well represented with Dennis Keeling, Gary Rance and of course Stuart King. I am not sure if the wonderful displays made me want to spend much more time in the shop or give up. Some of the items where breath taking. I took my wife Julie up with me on the saturday and we both had an inspiring time.

If you get a chance next time it is on I would recomend it most highly. I have included a link so you can have a look for yourself and be amazed.