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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 15:58

Antique Sewing Machine.

Antique Sewing Machine. Antique Sewing Machine.

I Picked up an interesting job last week.

Karl in Greenford contacted me and asked if I could make him a handle for his leather sewing machine. He sent me the dimensions and a description of the kind of thing he wanted. I made the handle from a piece of walnut and took it round to have a look at the machine.

It was a beauty, made in 1897 and probably from a factory and originaly belt driven, presumably by steam power.

Karl was very pleased with the handle and in return put a new buckle on my work belt He also gave me some leather which I will put to good use Later.

Karl works in the film Industry making props but does leatherworking as a side line. He makes belts and other Items, mainly from hide. He showed me cases that are used by filmcrew to carry electrical equiptment on their belts and othet Items made for re-enactment societies. His work is of a very high standard and priced reasonably so if you need a new holster I can put you in touch with him.