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Sunday, 26 May 2013 18:39

Micro Madness

Micro Madness Micro Madness

This is my work in progress bought to completion. It is my entry for this years Graddage prize. Unfortunately no win this year but I still have hope for the piece.

Last years entry was a wood and glass confectionary which I called the Saturn Box. this also did not win the Graddage but it did to my great pride and pleasure win first in show at Woodworks At Daventry but more about that later.

This piece was immense fun to make and although not a prize winner it created much interest. Here are some facts about the new piece:


Micro Madness


This lidded box is 57mm or 2 1/4” High including the finial.

It is 25mm or 985 thousandths of an inch high alone.

It is 19.5mm or 788 thousandths of an inch wide at its widest.

The finial is 1.3mm or 54 thousandths of an inch at its narrowest.

It is constructed from:

176 maple segments.

24 yew segments.

54 pieces of holly.

20 pieces of ebony including the finial.

A Grand total of 274 components.

It weighs exactly 3 grams or 0.10582 ounces.

The average weight of one component is 0.0109489 grams or

0.0003862 ounces.

If you understand fractions better as I do that is 3/274ths of a gram

or 3/7,768th of an ounce

Roughly 1/91st of a gram or 1/2590th of an ounce.

It is a box or hollow form which means it is void inside.

Unfortunately Rolly Munro was not a lot of help with this one so

I made a hollowing tool from a 3mm high speed drill.

It has 29 layers averaging 0.862mm in thickness with as many as 36 segments.

These were stuck together with PVA.

The project took about 2 weeks to complete.

I estimate that it took approximately 150 times its weight in wood to produce

and around 100 times its weight was produced in sawdust and shavings,

Not including material for jigs and specialist tools.