The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 11:50

Painted and Sculptured Bowl. A work in progress

Textured bowl. Textured bowl.

This is a new project combining different painted finishes, pyrography, textured surfaces and staining.  I have prepared a 10X2 sycamore bowl and textured it by a method shown to me by Mark Raby of CR Craft Creations with some advice from David Lowe . First I mount the blank on a screw chuck and form a tenon. After Reversing the top surface is faced off and the blank rounded. the blank is then punched on the drill press to form uniform indentations. Next the surface is cut back and dressed level with the bottom of the indentations. I then steam the bank which magicaly causes the indents to rise back up leaving an affect that looks a little like severe acne. The next stage is to turn the bottom of the piece and decorate it. 


More Later.....