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Saturday, 06 July 2013 15:17

Painted and Sculptured Bowl

Painted and Sculptured Bowl Painted and Sculptured Bowl

Now completed, this was an interesting project. Having given my bowl acne I turned the bottom of the bowl then I divided the top off into twelve irregular segments with lining tape and started the painting process.

The pimply section was painted black then stippled with Jo Sonja turquoise Iridescent acrylic paint, the pimples I highlighted with Jo Sonja Rich Gold metalic paint.

The fish skin sections where pyrographed to form the scales then given a very thin coat of J S. silver metalic paint.

The blue sections I used a mix of J S. Texturing paste and Daler Rowney metalic blue acrylic. When this had set off I highlighted it with some more metalic blue which was of course darker than the paint and texturing paste mix.

The crackled sections are a base coat of JS. Metalic rose gold with a little metalic silver mixed in then a generous coat of JS. crackle medium. When touch dry I coated this in a mix of Daler Rowney Crimson acrylic, darkened down with a hint of brown umber.

Having dried, the bowl was returned to the lathe and the center turned out and sanded. I reverse chucked it and turned of the tenon creating the foot of the bowl. I marked the foot with three rings and burned them with some Formica. Finaly I pyrographed a mouse and the date in the foot. The bowl is finished with Gloss cellulose laquer.

I would like to thank David Lowe for his help and advise and Mark Raby for his help and inspiration and for supplying the lining tape, Jo Sonja products and the laquer.


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