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Monday, 22 May 2017 23:23

Holm oak Booby bowl

Holly Oak Booby Bowl Holly Oak Booby Bowl

This very unusual bowl is made from Holm Oak, (Quercus Ilex) or Holly Oak. It is a very original design and I have naturally named it for its external profile. Also like its namesake it is pleasing to look at, nice to touch and feel and functionaly not much use to the adult of the species. 
The bowl of course is to be considered a Piece of art to be displayed as a thing of beauty and a conversation piece. 
The outside and rim of the bowl has been textured, burned, oiled and waxed.(Boot polish).
The inside is oiled and waxed.
There is a knot on the inside which runs through to a crack on the outside giving the piece character, and beautiful Medullary rays which show up in the bowl and on the rim which is quarter sawn.
Holm oak is unusual as it is an evergreen which is to be found mainly in the Mediteranium basin, therefore quite rare in England. This tree grew in a park in Eastcote, Middlesex and I was lucky to source it from the charity which manages the gardens there.
The bowl is 160mm in Diameter by 90mm.

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