The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

Monday, 29 May 2017 17:53

Burned bowls completed

Back to work on my two burned bowls.

The Holm Oak bowl was remounted on the lathe and the bowl hollowed out and sanded.

I treated the hollow with cellulose sanding sealer and knocked it back with some very fine webrax abrasive and gave it a coat of microcrystalline wax.

Next I reversed the bowl onto a jam chuck and held it in place with a live ring centre inthe tailstock. I finished shaping the bottom of the bowl, rounding the base to give me a "wobble bowl"

This left a small nub in the centre where the ring centre had held it. I cut this away with a chisel and hand sanded the base. 

I charred the remaining area and wire brushed it with a bronze brush. This section was then given a generous coat of boot polish.

Having left this to dry I buffed it up and gave the whole piece a coat of microcrystalline wax, after 20 minutes I buffed it up to a nice sheen.

The Eucalyptus bowl was remounted and the center turned out.  

I decided that a different approach was required with this bowl. I sanded off the scorched area to reveal more of the wood beneath. I also sanded the centre.

I then gave the cracks a good blow out with the air line.

I gave both the centre, the rim and outside a good coat of sanding sealer, making sure to get a good coat into the scorched cracks which of course had not been sanded.

Next I finished turning the outside in the same manner as for the holm oak bowl. Having scorched the outside I blew out the cracks and gave the whole thing a coat of sanding sealer.

I let the sealer dry for a half hour and gave the bowl two coats of microcrystalline and buffed it up into a nice gloss finish.

I now have two nice bowls which will find their way to the club competition table and probably on to my Etsy shop.

I will post more pictures of these bowls on my facebook page: