The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

Monday, 05 June 2017 10:15

Eastcote House and Wycombe Museum Traditional Crafts Afternoon

Eastcote House Display Eastcote House Display

We had a nice day on saturday at the Eastcote House and Gardens Picnic. The weather was very good and the event was well attended. Sales where quite good and we had a lot of positive feedback on our display. It was nice to thumb Craft Fair High Wycombemeet up with a few old friends that where there and had some good opportunities to promote our craft and our club.

 There was a lot of interest in my black and white pieces, people think that they are some kind of black wood but they are in fact white ash that has been burned with a blowtorch. It is then brushed with a bronze brush and given 3 coats of danish oil. Where the burning and brushing has exposed the grain it then has white liming paste rubbed in, accenting the grain and giving the piece a very striking appearance.

Finished our day with a couple of pints at the Moons pub in Ickenham then home with some fish'n'chips, Perfik.


Sunday we where at the Wycombe Museum, Demonstrating on the late for their Traditional crafts afternoon. The event was not as well attended but we attracted a lot of attention at the lathe.Ben at High Wycome craft fair

A couple of young girls and their mum stood and watched for about 20 minutes while I turned a laburnum Mushroom and finished it with sanding sealer, friction polish and carnuba wax, parting it off and finishing the bottom. It is quite unusual to hold someones attention for so long. The girls where very interested to know how everything worked, feeling the sandpaper and asking many questions.

It was good seeing the other craftspeople we had a pole lathe turner (Bodger), a lace maker, a chair caner and a basket maker. we had a fewlocal turners come along so we could exchange stories and Ideas. So although sales where poor we had a good day.