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Turning Timber into Treasure

Monday, 10 July 2017 18:28

Brian and the Giant Mushroom.

Brian and the Giant Mushroom Brian and the Giant Mushroom

Giant snail 2

No, this is not a story by Roald Dahl it is a story about a Giant Gastropod and a very big Fungus.

We had a nice day at Norwood green Village day last Saturday. I turned lots of spinning tops and the youngsters chose their own colours to decorate them, so bespoke spinning tops no less.

I sold a few bits and to my wifes chargrin I flogged the larger of her two Garden Mushrooms, It was her fault realy because 

Giant snail 1

the lady was chewing over wether to buy one and Julie said OH! they are mine, which seemed to help make the lady's mind up and she duly parted with the required  25 quid.

To make it up to Julie I turned her a bigger better mushroom. The only problem is that Brian the snail would appear to have taken a liking to it and has taken up residence. I will take Brian and the Giant Mushroom to club tomorrow night and see If the boys like it. Never know , it may do alright on the competition table. The Mushroom is a full 18 inces high and 6 inches in diameter It makes very good use of the green oak post offcuts that my brother gave me.