The Wonder of Wood

Turning Timber into Treasure

I collected some green oak posts for my brother Keith last week. Having coped the tops and cut them to length we had some offcuts which Keith kindly gave to me.

Green Oak Offcut

I took these pieces of timber back and it was not long before I realised that they were in the way as there is not "Mushroom" in the shop. Sitting outside with the missus and a beer last night I noticed that our garden mushrooms where getting past there sell by date, well spalted and with fungus sprouting from them.

Old Mushrooms

 This gave me the idea to turn a couple of new ones from my new aquisitions. The timber proved perfect for the task with nice radial cracks and six inches in diameter. They turned well and look just the ticket with a couple of coats of teak oil.

Oak Mushrooms

  I have some more pieces to pick up and I think I will make a couple more. Maybe my bro would like one to match his new gate posts.


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